About Markus


T/Dr Markus van der Westhuizen is a registered Traditional Doctor and Herbalist.
Practice number: 000 10511/009

As a child Markus realised that he was different from other kids, able to feel others’ emotions; seeing auric fields; seeing entities, ghosts, and other non-physical beings; and he had a gift of deep insight. At the age of 12 he had his first encounter with alien races, these encounters continue to this day. He also started having clear memories of life in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and even lives on other planets — with each passing year more lives and experiences were revealed to him.

T/Dr Markus van der Westhuizen facilitates healing through his extensive and in-depth understanding of energy work. He has been a student of metaphysics for over 30 years with a strong focus on health, healing and wellbeing.

His clients benefit from his expertise in a range of modalities including Kinesiopractic (Applied Kinesiology), Crystal and Aura healing and Herbalism. Markus draws on 30+ years of experience in the field of healing, and holds himself to uncompromising levels of excellence. He has a keen ability to pinpoint solutions to seemingly complicated stresses, always remaining grounded and pragmatic, while at the same time empathetic. This combined with his sincerity, genuine care for others and generosity of spirit sets him apart.

Starting with Crystal Healing training in 1992, Markus has since added Aura Healing, Herbalism, Holistic Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu, Light Body Activation, Polarity Therapy, Tachyon Attunements, Kinesiopractic (Applied Kinesiology), Dry Needling, Kinesio-Taping, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Curanderismo (shamanism), Non-Linear Systems Diagnostics and Meta-Therapy, Past Life Regression, DNA Activation, Soul Plan Readings, Soul Transformation Therapy, DNA Analysis, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Trapeze and Kundalini Yoga to his repertoire.

Markus offers Lightcode Activations, readings, and healing online via Zoom. Markus works closely with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Saints, and Extraterrestrials from this and other dimensions.

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