What People Say

P.M. — Los Angeles

 I did a soul plan with Markus and It was absolutely mind blowing. I couldn’t believe the amount of power, truth and challenges I learned from just my name! He helped give me clarity of what I needed to do to conquer challenges and confirmation on my purpose! Markus was very easy to talk to and has a very kind soul. I will definitely work with him again. Thank you so much!

Caren van Houwelingen — Cape Town

Thank you, Markus, for your inspiring and very powerful Soul Plan reading. Your insights confirmed to me what I’ve always felt intuitively, but was struggling to accept and manifest. After a difficult year that posed many challenges, I feel my path crossed yours at a time that was meant to be, and I see your insights as the culmination of that journey. Your reading is assisting me on the road to overcoming my anxieties about my innate talents and strengths. I’m inspired to pursue them now without hesitation, and with a calm spirit.

Caron Reck — Cape Town

I asked Markus for a Soul Plan Reading as I am looking at a new career in Life Coaching and wanted confirmation that I am choosing the right path before embarking on a time consuming and expensive course.

The Soul Plan Reading gave me all the answers I needed and more! It is truly life changing and has given me the encouragement and direction I was seeking.

Thank you Markus for facilitating this awesome experience!

Lindsay Botha — Cape Town

What an incredible experience that Soul Plan Reading was. Everything was so clear, insightful and accurate. It’s amazing to bring my challenges to consciousness so I can work to overcome them. Markus is an amazing, gifted and humble human. I value his work and him immensely.

Donna Galloway — Cape Town

With my Soul Plan Reading, I have gained insight to my soul’s destiny and have a clearer vision. Thank you so much Markus.

 Kerstin Waddell — Cape Town

After my Soul Plan Reading and grace clearing I felt clearer and more grounded in my being. I was relieved, because from this new soul perspective, I now found new meaning relating to this period of confusion and sense of being lost. Through the reading, Markus provided not only an overview of my soul destiny, but also the paths towards realising it. In my case, challenges turn become the path towards goals when i lean into my talents. Thank you Markus!