Soul Transformation Therapy™ (STT)

Soul Transformation Therapy is a ‘Pause, Look, Breathe, Take a Leap, and Yes, you can do it!’ kind of treatment. It has the power to change one’s perspective and life choices. It is the perfect treatment for those who are ready to experience transformation at a very deep level.

  • Identify core issues that prevent you from moving forward in life and from being your authentic self
  • Overcome negative patterns and blockages in your life at spiritual, emotional, body memory, or ancestral levels
  • Make major shifts at the core of the underlying issue
  • Gain the power to change your perspective and life choices
  • Unify and blend the personality with the soul

STT is well established and very popular in Japan where many counsellors, coaches, therapists and even doctors are offering this new modality which combines ancient and modern healing methods into an elegant new form of therapy. 

The aim of this work is to clear stuck patterns, emotional and life purposes blockages and other challenges in order to unify and blend the personality with the Soul. It also is vey effective as a spiritual development and self healing method. The aim of this work is to clear stuck patterns, emotional and life purposes blockages and other challenges in order to unify and blend the personality with the Soul.

STT uses a Soul Plan Archetype Deck to diagnose the polarity and the specific challenge issue which is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their purpose and Soul Plan potential at any time.

The method consists of a number of healing interventions to clear blockages some of which include Cord Cutting, Trauma Release, a Tree of Life Soul Retrieval method, an Energy Psychology / Dynamic Energy healing method and Soul Plan Archetype work which has some similarity to Jungian Shadow, Psychosysnthesis and Subpersonality work.

Soul Transformation Therapy puts together the essence of some of the best healing approaches which is deeply healing and every session ends with a ‘Soul Plan Future Reading’ which points a way forward for the client post the healing intervention.

Atlantean Healing Paddles

The paddles combine magnetic energies with radiesthesia (colour frequency vibrations) focused through triangulation (universal symbols of triangles) and are used in many different ways on the body and energetic field and serve to balance many conditions with their geometric forms and colours.

The Atlantean Paddles were channelled through Frank Alper in the mid-late 80’s and are briefly described in the books ‘Exploring Atlantis vol. 1’ and ‘Exploring Atlantis vol. 3’. They have been slowly reintroduced by Blue Marsden (Holistic Healing College, UK), as he felt it was the right time for these powerful tools to be used for healing once again.

The paddles are multi-dimensional shamanic wands that create portals in time and space, in order to create energetic shifts and mind/body/spirit healing.

 “The Paddles were used by the ancient Atlanteans, they combine the energy of magnetics and the frequencies of colour to create specific energy fields that align the chakras, balance chi meridians and remove possessions and serve as an excellent healing transfer agent.” Frank and Katharina Alper.

An Atlantean/Shamanic Healing session would be great for:

  • Clearing stubborn past life limitations
  • Activating the latent 13-4 (Divine Mother Energy) in Soul Plan
  • Removing deep emotional wounds
  • Reconnecting people with latent talents
  • Goddess Activation

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Who created Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy was created by Blue Marsden who is the founder and Director of the Holistic Healing College in London and the Author of Soul Plan published by Hay House. Attending these courses, being taught and studying with Blue has been an amazing experience and had a huge impact on my life.


How many treatments do I need?

Soul Transformation Therapy can act as stand-alone or as a series of sessions dependent upon the longer-term needs of the client.

What does a therapy session look like?

The session is structured in the following way:

  • Identification of the polarity issue and separation pattern affecting the client at this time and/or blocking the client’s true potential
  • Identification of the most appropriate healing interventions based on the core of the issue
  • Interventions (one to three different interventions within a one-hour session)
  • Integration and grounding
  • Closing procedure

What makes Soul Transformation Therapy so effective?

Soul Transformation Therapy is performed on an unconscious / soul level and has strong healing benefits. Working with the unconscious mind, it is possible to solve everything. The solutions already exist, but we are often unaware of them because we function on a more superficial level. The healing interventions used during the session are designed to access the most wounded parts and aspects of the client.

Who is Soul Transformation Therapy for?

This treatment is for the following groups:

  • Those looking for an effective method of eliminating negative patterns, limitations, and blockages in their life
  • Those seeking to release encumbering thoughts or feelings
  • Those seeking to acquire changes that they could make in their daily life to resolve their issue
  • Those seeking a more balanced and present state of being
  • Those who are ready to experience transformation on a deep level
  • Those seeking personal development, expansion of self-awareness, and spiritual growth, even when there are no visible symptoms

What kind of healing interventions are used during the session?

  • Cord Balancing and Vow Break to release cords and vows holding one in limitation
  • Trauma release, which is a unique and gentle yet powerful energy psychology technique to release emotions
  • Soul retrieval, which focuses on guiding the client into a deep state of unconsciousness to allow for healing on an energy level and / or identify with unintegrated parts of the self
  • Archetype Work / Parts Dialogue, which is similar to Jungian archetypes, psychosynthesis, and subpersonality work
  • Odic Bonding, which is a powerful intervention to heal mother-issues and connection to the Divine Mother
  • Soul Plan Hologram / Akashic Reading to receive higher guidance and wisdom from the Akash and the client’s guides 
  • Boundary Tapping with Polarity Infinity Rewiring for releasing deep, stuck emotions and to assist the client in setting healthy boundaries
  • Boundary Tapping for Control Issues to release deep, stuck emotions related to control issues
  • Channeling of information by the practitioner in a way that may benefit the client 
  • Energetic Healing and Balancing

Do I need to have a specific problem before attending?

No, because sometimes these are subconscious level so you may not even be aware. Soul Transformation Therapy can bring insights without there been a specific problem to address.

Or you may just be experiencing the feeling that something is stuck or blocked in your life and want to discover where the feeling is coming from.

Do I need to have had a Soul Plan Reading first?

No, these session are about the here and now moment of your life and what is the core issue at this point in time, whereas a Soul Plan Reading is about your overall life purpose, challenges and potential.

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