Soul Plan Overlays Training


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  • Prerequisite: Soul Plan Practitioner Training
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Take your Soul Plan Readings to the next level.

The Certificated Advanced (Overlay) course will allow you to be able to offer advice on best use of a current name (name optimisation), name changes through e.g. marriage (very popular with clients) as well as for Relationship Healing. This full online course also teaches the Business applications which allows you to choose the best vibration for a business name, book name, websites, partnership etc.

All three major Overlay aspects below are covered in the one training….

Overlays – Name Optimisation/Changes

The name you use in the world has an effect on all aspects of your life. It is relevant to the different lessons or challenges we experience in the material and spiritual phases of our lives.

It can also have a bearing on our talents, how we use them and upon the directions we feel drawn towards e.g. creative pursuits, physical work, politics, caring for others etc…

A name change should not be undertaken lightly. However a practitioner learns to assist those considering a name change for example through marriage, calling or career and can advise on the most positive optimum name.

Soul Plan and Relationships

The ability to read the Soul Plan compatibilities of a couple or group goes beyond any dating service in determining relationship compatibility.

Practitioners learn how to use a Soul Plan Reading to help those they are working with to identify difficulties experienced by a present or ex-partner relationships to increase awareness and allowing them to improve compassion and understanding. Soul Plan and Relationships also can be used to provide insight into their partner’s potential and help them to support them to bring out their partner’s best.

Soul Plan Reading for Business

Practitioners learn how to to use Soul Plan to provide an insight for businesses at several levels.

The practitioner learns to provide a service to enlightened businesses who have already realised or can see the logic in a healthy and harmonious working environment leading to maximised profits and efficiency. You will learn how to read the different abilities, talents, goals, strengths and difficulties experienced by key employees, prospective employees, business partners, associates and clients. Providing a reading will allow the client to discover how these people will interact with them as a boss or manager. Soul Plan business readings can also focus on which employees will work well together on a pragmatic level and highlight who will work most positively in which area of the business.

Another important area and one that can make or break a company is corporate identity, branding and the company name. From the perspective of the Soul Plan system the name of the company must be able to relate to the collective unconscious of your target market whilst being aligned with the Soul Plans of the key initiators – Directors, Founders, Owners, Sole Traders, Partners etc… Some Soul Plan Readers are also proficient in this aspect and can advice on, or even channel company names, product names and website names.

The course fee is £275 (GBP). You will receive a downloadable manual and online video training. Schedule a mentorship session on completion of the online material to answer questions, and receive your certificate.

Contact us if you have any questions about the Soul Plan Advanced Training.